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Adoptable Cats Near Me


Are you a cat lover like me? Do you have a tender spot in your heart for these adorable little creatures? Do you already have a house full of two or more cats already? Well, even if you don't have even one cat, one of the best ways to get started is to adopt a feline friend. Thankfully, I'm not the only one who feels compassion for the abandoned and shelter cats. That's why so many people are always asking me, "how can I find adoptable cats near me?"

Cat Shelters Near Me

Cat shelters are usually the first place to go to find a kitten or cat that you can adopt. It is, however, pretty rare to find kittens there that you can choose from and take home. But if you're lucky, it can happen. More likely is that you'll find all grown up, older cats there hoping that someone will find a place in their heart and home.

It is important to know that not all animal shelters are the same. If you can find one or two rescue centers close by, you should go in person to check them out. Some shelters will have both dogs and cats, while you could find some that house only cats.

Why You Should Adopt vs Buying Purebred or Kitten

Alright, so I don't really mean anything by the word "should" in that heading. I'm not into telling people they should do anything. Well, people should stop taking other people's money by threat of force, but that's a topic for another day. We're talking about the well-worn debate over whether it's better to rescue an animal (in this case, a cat) that is already grown, versus buying one that is a newborn or still a kitten so that you can enjoy the oh-so-adorable cute stage.

Or the other popular-but-hotly-contested approach is to pay big money to get a purebred from someone who is breeding felines for the sole purpose of selling them. I'm not out to shame anyone for getting the pet they want in whatever way they want. I mean, yeah, it makes me sad to see grown cats get stuck in cages and have their lives ended when it didn't have to be that way if people would adopt them instead of buying from breeders.

But look, as long as our world still has institutional slaughtering of animals on a mass scale, with endless suffering and horrible conditions for millions of animals, yeah, I think not choosing to adopt a cat is pretty minor by comparison. Okay, so I looks like I lied. I said wasn't out to shame anyone. But I think I do want to shame everyone who refuses to see for themself the horrible things you do to animals for the pathetic reason that you've become accustomed to eating certain things that taste good.

Ways to Find Cats Available for Adoption Near You

In addition to the obvious ways of finding animal shelters nearby, there are some clever methods you might not have thought of. These include:

asking your facebook and instagram friends

posting a query in a facebook neighborhood group or yard sale group;

looking in online classified ads, or even posting your own classified ad;

asking a veterinarian;

or even asking that neighbor who seems to have a gazillion cats roaming their property (and often into the neighbors next door!)

There is one thing that I was not aware of, so I'd like to mention it here. I had this idea that if you take in a rescue cat, you don't have to pay anything. You know, you get it for free because they are desperate to get these poor animals into a home. Well, I learned that is not the case, typically. I mean, I suppose it could be if the shelter was getting donations or a grant or some funding from a foundation. But most aren't. So they need to cover their costs, and they need to have the cat spayed, neutered, and debugged before it goes back into the public. So they have you pay to cover those costs.

Examples of Adopted Cats Near Local People in the World

I recently was in correspondence with some ladies who wanted to try out some products and gifts for cat lovers. I really had no idea if they had a cat or not, but if I had to bet, I probably would have gambled that they did. So I asked them if they did. I was delighted when they not only said they did have a cat, but they also posted a photo of their feline pet.

Here's a cat that lives with its owner in Venezuela. While I don't know for sure, I'd like to believe that this cat is a rescued feline, who got adopted by a kind soul and is able to live the good life despite being in a ravaged country.


This next cat is a case that is interesting, and somewhat humorous. This cool cat lives in Columbia, in a city that likely has many cats. When the owner sent this photo of her cat, she said "yes, I have a very cute cat."


Haha. Do you think that is a cute cat? Come on, let's be honest. I would not call that a cute cat. It was probably cute when it was a kitten. But what kitten isn't cute?

She didn't say the name of her "cute" cat, but if I had to guess (or got to name it) I would think that "Mumford" would be a fitting name if it is male. But I'm happy that she finds her ugly cat to be cute. That's how it should be. That's what having a cat is all about for us cat lovers. There's a special bond that develops and mutual affection. I think I'll go ahead and assume that this fuzzy fellow with out of control wiskers was also an adoptable cat that she found near her.