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Super Cute Swinging Tail Cat Clock

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Add a little feline friendliness to any room with our Super Cute Swinging Tail Cat Clock! It's a charming display of kitty cuteness. Our clock is fully functional and always displays the time, accurately.

This clock is very realistic and embraces all of the detail of a real cat!


  • Adorable clock that looks just like a real cat
  • Tail continuously swings
  • Battery powered
  • Soundless
  • Accurate time
  • Long service life
  • Stylish & decorative
  • Resistant to corrosion

Now you'll no longer have to rely on the nagging meows from your cute, precious kitty to know when it's time fill her bowl with cat food or open the door to let her go outside to roam. Your new fun time-telling device in the shape of a white calico or black cat will make it easy and enjoyable to see if you're late.

Just be careful to make sure your cat or kitty doesn't get so mesmerized by the back and forth of the clock's tail pendulum movement that she wants to jump up to attack it! Having this unique and clever cat-themed item on your wall will leave no doubt as to your loyalty and passion for all things feline. Your friends will love seeing your new cat clock with swinging tail in your home.

P.S. This clock also makes a great gift for your cat-loving friends and family, so put a smile on their face now.

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Shar Bevery

I simply love cat decor and when I saw this clock I just knew I had to have it!

Bernice Triller

This clock is so cute! It works well and I love that there is no ticking noises.

Connie Dryfus

My daughter bought me this cat clock with the wagging tail and I love it! It looks great hanging in my dining room.

Pearl Charles

Aw! This cat clock is so sweet! My kitty, Oliver, stares and stares at it. I think he thinks it is a real cat hanging there on the wall lol!

Theon Rector

A great clock that looks pretty cool and actually works, too!