Make Toilets Great Again™ Brush

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Because of high demand, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery

Buy 2 for friends, get yours FREE!  Special Buy 2 Get 1 offer for limited time.

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THE most popular gag gift of 2019.

Oh that hair!

Make a statement. Get a laugh. Using the bathroom will never be the same again.

Other stores are selling these for $32 each.

Style and handle color may vary. Brush stand not included.

Because of high demand, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery

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Tara P

Very Cute I'll be cleaning the Swamp


Susan Fajgier

Love it!


J Jones

These will make the BEST Christmas gifts, ever!! They're sure to get a laugh, and be functional. I love them!!


Mark Ruder

Our East Coast relatives couldn’t wait to use it for its intended purpose.


Amy McMahon

Just love it! Hilarious and it really does a good job!

Michelle Harris



Great way to get out frustrations and stress because of this current administration.

judy Mjoness

Great fun!!!

Heather Vogel

I bought them for Christmas gifts and my self. Every time I hear his voice I clean my toilets, The best feeling in the world.

Harriet Hale

I bought two for my daughters birthday in November. They were born on the same day two years apart. I know they are going to love them. I made a gift tag on the computer with a cartoon of trump that I know they will get a laugh at. Your service was really the best. Thank you and I hope to do business with you again.

Trish Castilleja


Sandy Thomposoin

It is so funny and a great gift for my never Trumper friends.

M Clay

It’s perfection! The only place that head should be is in a toilet!


Good laugh! Gave one to a Trumptard friend of mine as a housewarming gift when they moved into their new home. They didn't think much about it, but I got a good laugh!

D Fs

I bought them as gifts, to get frustrations on our political climate released!

John Hyde

It was great having Donnie Make My Toilet Great Again!! I dunked and dunked and swished him around in there and it was SOOOOOOO satisfying!!

Patrice O'Neil

I love these toilet bowl cleaners!! I have so many liberal friends who just love this item. So far, I have ordered, and given away, nine of these! Might I be able to order a truckload of these? Patrice O'Neil PS - I'm too old to know how to attach a picture; can I have the gift anyway??

Richard Montoya

Great item! Met ALL my expectations, and I will use it OFTEN!

Gayle Bartlett

I expect family arguments to break out at Christmas as to who gets these! Love them. Great idea!

Gayle Luck

These are fabulous, rather or not they actually work! (I'm sure they will!) I bought 6 and plan to give them as holiday gifts!!